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Tonic Life Communications commissioned us to create a hygiene awareness film for its client, The Hygiene Council. Focusing on the spread of four common bacteria, we set about filming timelapses from within industrial incubators, over a period of seventy-two hours as the spores grew on petri dishes.


It was our job to explain through this film how easy it is to avoid spreading life threatening germs such E-Coli and Salmonella, simply by washing at key times. Using a combination of motion graphics, simple typography and sound design, we were able to deliver an engaging film that was distributed on YouTube.


With over 40,000 compelled viewers so far, Tonic is delighted that the message is getting out there for its client.

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"The brief for this project was quite unusual. RAW were brilliant and really helped us to bring the idea to life, finding solutions to some tricky problems. They gave us loads of ideas to think about and work from which helped us to build a video that we are really happy with."

Laura Walters
Tonic Life Communications