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// AF Patient Case Study

Our client, Tonic Life Communications, were working on a series with the AFA (Arterial Fibrillation Association) to promote the services of the AFA and raise awareness of the condition. They commissioned RAW to produce 3 carefully considered case study films that would sit on the client website and encourage people to use the AFA’s support network.


We approached these films with the aim of making them as warm and approachable as possible, opting for a more relaxed interview set up and a lot of imagery from the patient’s day to day life to provide a wider portrait of them as a person beyond the condition.


The series of 3 videos was produced that gave insight into different people living with AF. The film detailed their experiences of the condition as well as the support from medical professionals and the AFA.

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"The brief for this project was quite unusual. RAW were brilliant and really helped us to bring the idea to life, finding solutions to some tricky problems. They gave us loads of ideas to think about and work from which helped us to build a video that we are really happy with."

Laura Walters
Tonic Life Communications