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// Iovera Product Promo

This explainer video for the Iovera beauty treatment was intended to inform both potential patients and practitioners about the benefits of using this natural alternative to Botox.


Due of the varied audience this video needed to reach, we worked closely with our client, Tonic Life Communications, in the strategy stage to develop a script that would explain in enough detail for a doctor without being too technical for a consumer. It was also key that this video not only informed the audience, but also encapsulated Iovera’s brand in its style and tone. The brand focus is on natural solutions to cosmetic issues and, to make sure that this was represented throughout the video, we filmed all the interviews and procedures using a lot of natural light, in clean light spaces.


The video was very well received by Tonic Life and the end client Myoscience. We succeeded in providing an on-brand explainer that speaks to both cosmetic professionals and potential consumers in a clear, understandable way.

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Nikki Malnick
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