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Our client, The Royal British Legion, underwent a major brand overhaul this year and they required a stunning film to help communicate this update to the wider public. As part of our ongoing relationship with The Legion, we partnered with their newly appointed brand agency, Young and Rubicon, to produce their flagship brand showcase film.


We worked closely with Y&R and The Legion to piece together a powerful mood film, which perfectly encapsulates the sentiment of their new mantra ‘Live On’. The purpose of this tagline is to communicate The Legion’s support for all generations of the Armed Forces, past and present, enabling everyone to ‘Live On’ in peace.


The Legion now has a great brand promo film that eloquently delivers the charity’s interests and outlook for the future that they can use for years to come, maintaining their position as the UK’s leading Armed Forces charity.

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"The Royal British Legion asked RAW to help them develop the charity’s video output in an innovative way. The result was a body of content that has changed how people perceive us, from an old man’s club to a charity that is still relevant in the 21st Century."

Amy Gregson
The Royal British Legion