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// James Fox – Landlocked

The official single of the Poppy Appeal launch was performed and recorded by James Fox; James played Paul McCartney in the West End production of ‘Let It Be’. We were asked to film the official music video.


We visited James whilst he was recording the track, and with the accompanying band and orchestra, we filmed the single’s official video. We carefully graded and cut-in with real footage from tours in Afghanistan. The filming was completed within just one day, and we worked through post production rapidly in order to launch the video on time, and within budget.


The music video and song proved a great success for both James and for The Royal British Legion.

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"The Royal British Legion asked RAW to help them develop the charity’s video output in an innovative way. The result was a body of content that has changed how people perceive us, from an old man’s club to a charity that is still relevant in the 21st Century."

Amy Gregson
The Royal British Legion