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// ‘In Flanders Fields’ Explainer

‘In Flanders Fields’ is one of the most famous poems from the First World War, and inspired the use of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance. 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the poem, which was written on 3rd May 1915 by Lieutenant John McCrae. Our client, The Royal British Legion, wanted a film that would commemorate the anniversary as well as explain how these now-famous words provided the inspiration for the remembrance poppy as we know it today.


We suggested that a combination of live action and animated elements would really bring the story to life, as well as providing the right balance between the sombre nature of the subject and creating a film that would engage younger online audiences. As a nod to the written word, we utilised a variety of notebooks as a canvas for the animation and motion-tracked elements to the hand movements we recorded. In post production, we worked carefully with the sound design to accent the movements and carefully selected music to hit the right tone.


The Royal British Legion now have a modern and engaging animation that tells the story of the poem that gave birth to the now iconic red poppy. This film can be used to educate and inform audiences, young and old, for years to come, providing a great return on investment for the Legion.

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"The Royal British Legion asked RAW to help them develop the charity’s video output in an innovative way. The result was a body of content that has changed how people perceive us, from an old man’s club to a charity that is still relevant in the 21st Century."

Amy Gregson
The Royal British Legion