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Rescue Global commissioned RAW to create a film that explained to potential partners and governments how their approach to disaster response worked. It was vital to convey their complex risk and leadership structures, whilst still maintaining the core humanitarian focus of their work.


We decided to lead the film with multiple interviews woven together to create a full picture of Rescue Global’s structure. The core of this narrative is provided by their commanding officer, with other staff members adding details of their specialisms. Most of the footage used came from time we spent with RG filming at a 2-week training operation in Arizona. The final film uses carefully designed motion graphics to illustrate and clarify some of the more complex structures in the organisation and to highlight their high level of technological capability. It was vital that the overarching focus was on their humanitarian approach and away from the military-style operations.


Rescue Global now have a concise operations film they can use to demonstrate to a wide variety of people the key elements of how they work and the structures of leadership within the charity. This is a great resource that Rescue Global can use to offer interested parties a more indepth view, knowing that they are getting the right message across.

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"RAW has a deep bench of 'A players' - everyone I have worked with has displayed passion, integrity and insight. They show nous and creativity on location, pushing themselves and crew to exceed the brief. There is a seamless agency/client relationship where both teams unite in a common purpose of producing great work. This is RAW."

Mark Izatt
Rescue Global