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In addition to their profile film and process film, Rescue Global required a video that showcased their involvement in ‘Angel Thunder’, an international training and testing exercise run by the American government for search and rescue organisations. As the first charity to be invited to the exercise, it was important for Rescue Global to document their success in the field.


During the two week exercise in Arizona, we carefully captured RG’s training and operational activities. It was key for RAW to remain highly adaptable to the changing operational environment and constantly prepared to deploy with our kit alongside the Rescue Global team at any point. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain the smooth, cinematic look that ensures Rescue Global’s professionalism and competence is displayed at all levels of the video.


Rescue Global are now able to showcase their success as a charity taking part in this operation, as well as having a good record of a momentous moment chapter in their history. They are also able to use this video to demonstrate what an asset they’d be to future training operations and real life situations worldwide.

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"RAW has a deep bench of 'A players' - everyone I have worked with has displayed passion, integrity and insight. They show nous and creativity on location, pushing themselves and crew to exceed the brief. There is a seamless agency/client relationship where both teams unite in a common purpose of producing great work. This is RAW."

Mark Izatt
Rescue Global