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// Extreme MicroSD Action Promo

As part of an ongoing relationship with our clients FK3, this film helps explain the benefits and features of the Extreme MicroSD card, manufactured by storage leaders SanDisk. The video series currently includes over 25 product films, each versioned and delivered into 10 global territories.


After receiving footage from the photographers, we set about editing together a succinct and engaging film to help present the product in the best possible light. The animation styles, colour palette and font usage was all agreed up front – all the time being faithful and sympathetic to existing brand guidelines.


These short product films effortlessly inform the user of the key benefits and features in a fun and easily digestible way. The viewer obtains a great understanding of how the product may fit into their exiting digital setup. FK3/SanDisk have a fantastic animated library of over 25 products from which to seed and distribute across online platforms. They’re also used as the featured films on global Amazon product pages.

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"We used RAW for a one-off 3D project that quickly turned into a series with over 1000 deliverables across 8 languages. The flexibility, willing and openness the close-knit team has demonstrated, as well as the quality of the final product, has been truly top-notch and we look forward to an ongoing relationship."

Nick Cole