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Earthwatch approached RAW in need of a training film that would explain how to collect water as part of their global research project, FreshWater Watch. This project investigates the health of freshwater ecosystems worldwide with data being captured by volunteers. The purpose of this film would be to explain how to collect water samples, record the data and upload your results.


Earthwatch needed the film to explain the FreshWater Watch programme in a succinct and uncomplicated manner. We proposed that the best way to achieve global understanding was to rely heavily on visuals, rather than text or voice. We produced helpful animations that were superimposed alongside live action and voiceover to make the training film’s instructions as easy as possible to understand.


The result is a training film that has been widely received as comprehensive, effective and interesting to watch. The animation elements help viewers easily digest the vast amount of information presented. Earthwatch now have a great film that can be sent out to citizen scientists worldwide to help continue their global research project.

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"We presented RAW with a challenging project that required a tight turnaround. They succeeded in delivering a polished and engaging end-product to brief and to schedule, complete with stunning motion graphics."

Rob Stringer