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Our client Corporate Culture were looking to produce some highly effective case studies around how their ‘How on Earth‘ consultancy arm had impacted on their customers’ businesses. How On Earth is a new section of their organisation dedicated to sustainable behaviour change helping private, public and third-sector organisations deliver commercial and social high-impact campaigns. RAW were delighted to be commissioned to undertake the work.


The case studies were approached with a clean, simple style, agreed in the planning stage. The interviews was shot in a plain white space to fit with How On Earth’s minimal look, which was then enhanced with graphics to emphasise key points of the dialogue. By highlighting key messages with these graphics, we were able to get across the interviewee’s message in the most clear and concise way, really driving home their thoughts. We also used relevant cutaways of the store to highlight the impact that these new sustainability and community goals were having at ASDA.


The final film is highly effective in showcasing the successful client relationship and impact that Corporate Culture had with their customer. It serves as a fantastic sales tool for winning new business as the story is so authentic and underlines all of the USPs of their offering.

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"We have worked closely with RAW on both animation and film projects. Each time they make an effort to fully understand the challenge and help bring ideas to life in a way that is both engaging and effective. Our recent film has surpassed our expectations and we are looking forward to working with them on future creative projects."

Andrew Malone
Corporate Culture