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CAF needed a simple, yet effective film that would explain their ‘Give As You Earn’ scheme – an easy process that donates a proportion of your salary to charity in the most tax efficient way via PAYE. The film needed to promote the scheme and communicate its benefits in the most informative and engaging way whilst being informal and unstuffy.


We felt that the best approach would be to interview those who were already involved with the payroll-giving scheme, including employers, charities and Charities Aid Foundation staff, because they had first-hand experience of the advantages of the scheme. The interviews were conducted in a white infinity studio so that the focus was on the interviewees and their dialogue. This background also allowed us to easily add line animations in post-production to highlight important, key messages.

The line graphics are a key part of the charity’s brand guidelines and this treatment was a good opportunity to incorporate this element into the film.


CAF now have an informative film that explains their payroll-giving scheme in a concise way and in keeping with their brand guidelines. They can send this film out to employers, employee donors and charity beneficiaries and encourage new people to sign up to the scheme.

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