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As soon as the production phase is completed, our post production team gets to work, finessing the footage into a finished piece of work. Following our strategy and goals for the production, we will be ensuring a coherent story and feel comes together that is consistent with whether you want to amaze, compel, engage, inspire or motivate your target audience.

The post production phase includes:

  • Ingesting and organising footage
  • Editing to the storyboards
  • Integrating animation and motion graphics
  • Designing the sound and music elements, integrating voiceover
  • Grading the final edit to give it a distinctive, high-end look

Stories…brought to life.

The post production phase is where everything comes together into a coherent, on-brand, on-message, on-emotion piece of work. Typically, this phase takes longer than the filming or animation phase, but it’s where the whole story is brought to life.

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If you would like to discuss our post production capabilities, please get in touch with Ollie Machin, our business development manager, on 020 7831 6060.

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"We were hugely impressed with the way RAW delivered this project for one of our largest clients. They took their time to create insightful storyboards and kept us up to date with every aspect of post-production so that it felt like a truly collaborative effort."

Dominic List