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VisionFund is committed to helping improve the lives of children in the developing world. It does this by providing financial support to families living in poverty, thus helping them start and sustain businesses that have a positive effect on the whole family.

VisionFund provides:

  • Small loans
  • Financial advice
  • Micro-loans
  • Micro-savings
  • Micro-insurance

You can find out more about VisionFund at

VisionFund chose RAW

Working with organisations such as VisionFund, that have such a positive impact on the lives of people around the world, is a privilege and why we were delighted to hear that VisionFund had chosen to work with us. One of the most recent projects we have worked on is theĀ Celebrating 10 Years of VisionFund.

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If you would like to discuss creating a compelling film for your organisation, please get in touch with Ollie Machin, our business development manager, on 020 7831 6060.

Clients Include

"It was a real pleasure to work with the team at RAW who provided personal and instant support at every step of the process. I particularly appreciated the attention they paid to our brief and this continued up to the final minute, resulting in something we were all proud of."

Charlotte Green