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// FK3/SanDisk

FK3 is a respected creative marketing agency based in London that works with innovative tech brands to elevate their products’ awareness and sales.

FK3’s services include:

  • Press, TV and online advertising
  • Point-Of-Sale and Out Of Home media
  • Exhibitions and product launches
  • Social media and affiliate marketing
  • Brochures and print

If you would like to find out more about FK3 and its marketing services, please visit

FK3 chose RAW

To help service the requirements of an existing client, SanDisk, FK3 were looking for an experienced and professional partner with whom they could develop a product marketing animation format and then produce and deliver films to a global audience.

What started with a single film quickly snowballed into producing 3D animated films for 25 of SanDisk’s top storage products. These films were versioned by RAW into 10 international languages, including Russian and Arabic, ready for distribution around the world; notably on the product pages of Amazon and at various global launch events.

Get in touch

If you represent a marketing or PR agency that are looking to expand their video capabilities and would like to discuss partnerships, please get in touch with Ollie Machin, our business development manager, on 020 7831 6060.

Clients Include

"We used RAW for a one-off 3D project that quickly turned into a series with over 1000 deliverables across 8 languages. The flexibility, willing and openness the close-knit team has demonstrated, as well as the quality of the final product, has been truly top-notch and we look forward to an ongoing relationship."

Nick Cole