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Live music sessions are hugely popular on the web and as people’s appetite for video content increases so too does the amount of amatuers and professionals alike trying to emulate the success of cult websites such as La Blogotheque. Here we have put together a list of the hottest music session videos online…

La Blogotheque
French born filmmaker Vincent Moon is the Godfather of music session videos, with his website La Blogotheque offering ‘Take-Away Shows’ featuring indie artists, usually performing on the streets.  His low-fi single camera shooting style and contrasty colour balance in the post production has gained him many imitators (but they do say imitation is the highest form of flattery!). Check out one of my personal favourites with Johnny Flynn:

Black Cab Sessions
Sticking with the single camera video production is this team of Londoners who use the British institution that is the black cab as the venue for their sessions. Their motto is ‘one cab, one camera, one take’ and there is no better way to describe it. They like to take their cab to festivals and have even gone as far as South By Southwest festival in the USA. Check out Eliza Doolittle performing at Secret Garden Party:

4AD Sessions
An inspired idea from a record label as a way to showcase their artists, 4AD has set up a beautiful website with music video sessions. These are all multi-camera shoots in big studios with much slicker production, which are more akin to music videos. Watch their video of the charming Efterklang:

Yours Truly
The video production on these videos combine the artistic style of La Blogotheque and the slicker production of the 4AD sessions, with some sessions adopting a intimate short-film feel and more attention to detail in the post production, like the Holly Miranda video below:

All Saints Basement Sessions
The super-cool clothes brand has been very savvy by jumping on the sessions bandwagon and they have done it to great effect by using smart video production techniques that is consistent with the brand. The looks as though the videos are shot on an HD DSLR,and although the filming style is basic we particularly like their simple and effective post production technique of using a black border with an edge feather as well as a blur vignette.



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