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// Shirlena Johnson – ‘Break The Chains’ Music Video

After many weeks of planning and preparation, the music video shoot for X-Factor contestant Shirlena Johnson’s debut single ‘Break The Chains’ was finally upon us. The vibe for the video was to feature Shirlena producing an ultimate reality where all people live in harmony, and are of an equal status. We were incredibly excited about the seemingly endless post-production possibilities at our disposal as Shirlena had granted us complete creative freedom with the shots and the general look of the video.

For the shoot, we booked the large green screen studio at Camberwell Studios for 2 days to allow us time to set up the cameras and conduct keying tests.

As with many recent video productions for our clients The Royal British Legion and Mission/Nokia UK, we used the Sony PMW-F3 with Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses at 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. These lenses delivered very detailed results which, when paired with a Nanoflash external recorder allowed us to record at a much higher bit rate (up to 4 times higher than native SxS cards). This extra resolution really helps in creating a clean key.

The size of the production team was relatively small, with only 7 people working on set. This did not deter the efficiency of the production process and also created a very feel-good vibe through out the whole day, which kept everyone positive and creative, including Shirlena, whose dancing shapes were something to behold. The ‘Behind The Scenes’ video is able to view at the bottom of the blog.

The official music video, released on YouTube on December 16th last year, has reached nearly 47,000 views and has received some great feedback. With such positive responses, We are looking forward to working with Shirlena again in the near future. Break The Chains!

Watch the final video here:

Watch this behind the scenes video here:

Watch the behind the scenes video here






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