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Over the past few months RAW have been filming across the globe for Rescue Global. Rescue Global is an international crisis response charity and disaster management agency and we were called upon to film their training sessions and operations to help present exactly what this charity achieve when disaster strikes – and how they prepare governments and agencies in readiness.

You can watch the three films that RAW produced for Rescue Global here.

We spent two weeks in the Arizona desert following Rescue Global across two very different terrains – the mountains and the desert. We captured how Rescue Global coped with challenging situations as they took part in the world’s largest and most comprehensive series of search and rescue training exercises called Angel Thunder. By filming a project that is explicitly planned to provide real life scenarios, we were able to see exactly how Rescue Global communicate, operate and facilitate when faced with a real world crisis.

We then spent time in Cornwall, filming Rescue Global’s operations and further training sessions, and then travelled to Madrid to shoot skydiving training. RAW were also allowed access to Rescue Global’s HQ in London where we captured their analytical and strategic capabilities as well as their advanced technology and expert communication with teams on the ground.

If you want to discover further what the charity do, you can go to their website at We look forward to working with Rescue Global on future projects and again filming the experienced and dedicated people who are Rescue Global.



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