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// RAW’s Hot Video Picks of the Week

We’ll be publishing a weekly digest of our favourite video and film clips from around t’internet. Some are new, some are old – but all are cool and demonstrate great technical and/or creative treatments. Stay tuned each Monday for more.

Here’s our staff picks from this week (6th Feb 2015).


Ollie – “I absolutely loved this animation. The amazing visuals and intense, high drama had me holding my breath for the whole video.”


Tom – “I liked how after a while your brain just accepts that the Lego bricks are paint. The combination of real life and this stop motion effect worked really well.”

NO. &Rosas:

Lexi – “I liked this video because of the use of mixed media to tell its story. They’ve taken a script and been creative with it, using random visuals to match the words. Also, what a great script?”

Fashion Film:

Louisa – “I picked this video because it’s a really nicely made, accurate parody of a slightly absurd genre of video. Also, Lizzy Caplan is amazing, and I hadn’t seen her in this before.”



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