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We’ll be publishing a weekly digest of our favourite video and film clips from around t’internet. Some are new, some are old – but all are cool and demonstrate great technical and/or creative treatments. Stay tuned each Monday for more.

27th March 2015

This week a few of the RAW team were heading off to the EVCOM Awards night, but we still managed to squeeze in our Cinema Friday (if not looking a little dressed up for sitting on our sofas)!

Bless You:

Charlotte – “Overall, this is a cute little animation that made me laugh, but the tilt shift photography is amazing – well worth a watch!”

Saving The Environment:

Tom – “Really creative – I love this type of animation because it really grabs the viewer’s eye and makes for an interesting video. Let’s try it out at RAW?!”

Life Changing Learning:

Lade – “This is a beautiful and inspiring advert, plus the music track works really well to hold the audience’s attention.”

Childline – It Follows Me Around:

Louisa – “After Charlotte’s video last week from Childline, I thought I’d see what else the charity have done and I wasn’t disappointed. This video held everyone’s attention for the full 5 minutes and afterwards it was all everyone could talk about. Really impactful and well done considering the sensitive topic.”

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"RAW delivered a high quality, lively and energetic video at the end of this two-day, two camera shoot.  Fantastic shooting and editing – another in a long line of consistently great videos, providing us with great value."

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