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We’ll be publishing a weekly digest of our favourite video and film clips from around t’internet. Some are new, some are old – but all are cool and demonstrate great technical and/or creative treatments. Stay tuned each Monday for more.

27th February 2015

Facebook Factory:

Lexi – “Trying to us a mish mash of different styles and keeping everything coherent is not an easy task. This pulls it off flawlessly. Check out the credits to see how many people were involved!”

Lido Sim:

Lade – “Love the shapes and style in this one. Cool concept too!”

Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial:

Ollie – “Some great stop motion that really grabbed my attention – simple style executed well.”

Tune for Two:

Charlotte – “Bit of an older one, but the Muppets never get old! I enjoyed the dark humour of this video – does that make me sadistic?”

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