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We’ll be publishing a weekly digest of our favourite video and film clips from around t’internet. Some are new, some are old – but all are cool and demonstrate great technical and/or creative treatments. Stay tuned each Monday for more.

8th May 2015

Kenco – Coffee vs Gangs:

Ollie – “I thought the use of motion graphics ‘tattoos’ added an interesting element to this video….plus it’s all for a great cause!”

giffgaff ‘Don’t be scared’:

Ryan – “Creative branded content, which put a new spin on the zombie apocalypse!”


Charlotte – “There’s so many zombie films now that you’d think they couldn’t create anything new, but this short film certainly exceeded my expectations. You connect and empathise with all the characters, despite the fact that there is zero dialogue – a must-watch if you have a spare 10 minutes.” 

Drone Football | Pepsi Max | Genius:

Tom – “Pretty cool projection mapping makes for some exciting branded content from Pepsi.”

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