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Screenshots of the video's chosen for RAW"s Hot Video Pics of the Week

// RAW’s Hot Video Picks of the Week

We’ll be publishing a weekly digest of our favourite video and film clips from around t’internet. Some are new, some are old – but all are cool and demonstrate great technical and/or creative treatments. Stay tuned each Monday for more.

1st June 2015

The A-Z of YouTube – Celebrating 10 years:

Ryan – “The design of this video is extraordinary. The way the scenes taken on different styles and blend together is so clever. We wondered how many contributors there must have been! Great track too!”

Thylacine – Mountains:

Lexi – “The cinematography in this is incredible and the slow building tune makes it totally mesmerising”


Louisa – “I’m way into how confused this makes me, it looks super real but I’m half certain that it’s all done digitally – it’s some super tech 3d modelling if it is, and some amazing in camera work if it’s not, and either way it looks amazing.”

Silicon – God Emoji:

Jon – “I really liked the lighting and overall mood of the video – and the tune itself is pretty good. It’s also got a few abstract elements thrown in, which are always going to appeal to me!”



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