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Weʼre expanding!

In the last few months weʼve taken on 4 new staff members to meet agency requirements and help RAW grow as an agency and we have a 5th position to fill very soon – so keep an eye on the careers page if youʼre looking to further your path in production!

To keep things from becoming long winded weʼve asked the guys to intro themselves in no more than 140 characters (totally original RAW idea that!)

First up is Charlotte Oggier, Production Assistant, who is supporting our Creative Producer, Louisa Wells.

English grad, lover of videos and tea fiend. You can count on me to know the difference between you’re and your.

Next is Lade Obembe, Senior Editor & Cameraman. Lade is part of a new 4 man post-production team headed by Lexi Powner.

True joy, never-ending peace, and RAW talent! #whatmorecanIaskfor?   

The varnish to Ladeʼs paint job is Tom Fuller, Motion Designer and (we believe) secret, superhero!

Laid back, B movie specialist. Passionate about graphics, art, and lunch. Can usually be found with my head in After Effects or Photoshop.

Finally, and in doing our best to strengthen the entente cordial, we have Joris Fleurot, our intern who is also an excellent editor and cameraman (and lover of Hard Rock festival Download!)

It’s not blood but Burrito sauce running in my veins, dearly in love with spicy edits and tasty motion graphics!



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We're on the list - in our first year of applying too! #video #top50 #televisual
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@Helen_Ridgway Thanks for coming! We forgot to give you yours to takeaway so it'll be in the post tomorrow!
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"RAW were brilliant - they really helped us to bring our idea to life, finding solutions to some tricky problems. They gave us loads of ideas to think about which helped us to build a video that we are really happy with."

Laura Walters
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