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// Panasonic GH2 Test Around London’s Mayfair

After receiving a new toy last week, we decided to take it for a 30 minute shoot in and around Mayfair to see what we could capture, but mainly to get used to the camera as we have a few video production projects in the pipeline involving this piece of kit.

We were primarily interested in the video mode, which was set at 1920 x 1080, 24 fps. An upgraded sensor from its predecessor (GH1) allows the read out speed to be higher and therefore offers 50p and 60p HD footage in manual cinema mode. The upgraded sensor also means the auto focus setting can be more regularly updated, which promises faster focus. The aperture and shutter speeds are easy to configure and adjust, the dial for this function is fitted to the back of the camera and is altered with a flick of your thumb which proved helpful, however a dedicated dial for each would be better. With the updated 18 megapixel sensor and 14-140mm kit lens allows the depth of field to be easily manipulated depending on shooting style and shot preference.

We also downloaded a hack from an online source which allowed complete manipulation of the firmware settings and camera capabilities. Using this tool we increased the bit rate  to 44 mbps from 24 mbps, and removed the 30 minute recording limit.

Overall, we are over the moon with the camera’s performance. Here’s a video to illustrate our results. Graded in post-production using GenArts Sapphire Edge.

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"This was the first time we had worked with video and streaming to disseminate our work and RAW were professional, friendly and responsive to our particular needs and inexperience. On the day, filming progressed smoothly due to a pre-event site visit and their discreet, professional presence."

Noel Baxter
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