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The concept of being involved with any extreme sport several years ago was seen as a waste of time and many people who took part in these activities such as BMX and skateboarding were outcasted by society largely due to the fact that what they were doing and creating were acts of vandalism and seen to be non-productive. However, with the evolutionary, affordable steps that cameras have taken over the past decade, these sports are at the forefront of modern-day culture and are continuing to flourish. The advancement of the DSLR, in particular, has proved a pioneering piece of kit for the majority of extreme sport filmmakers. Here are a few examples of videos/companies/directors/athletes to look out for!

Nike 6.0:

After their initially unsuccessful attempt to break into the skateboarding scene in the early 2000’s, Nike came back with a new approach which was to integrate their ‘cool’ brand image with revolutionary project ideas, and films to create a well established video production company, as well as a recognised extreme sport player . They’ve created various teams across many disciplines of extreme sport that blow others out of the water including athletes such as Eric Koston and Garret Reynolds to name a few. Projects such as ‘The Pool’, and ‘The Tunnel’ have put Nike videos one step ahead of other companies in the same market. Here’s an example of their open mindedness/budget with their film making.

Danny Macaskill:

The sport of Trials biking is one of the niche sports in the world of extreme, but one man is pushing the sport into the limelight. Danny Macaskill, a 26 year old from Scotland had little recognition of his talents until teaming up with film maker and flat mate Dave Sowerby to produce a video filmed over the space of a month that would gain over 27 million youtube hits. He has recently gained sponsorship from RedBull, as well as featuring in many adverts for corporate companies such as Volkswagen. He now rides full time. ITV’s show ‘Britains Got Talent’ also featured a trials rider called Joe Oakley, who got through to the final 8. ‘Way Back Home’ was another video that followed and the video shown below was from Danny’s section in the recent Channel 4 documentary ‘Concrete Circus’.

Eliot Rausch:

After his 2010 Vimeo video of the year award for ‘Last Minutes with ODEN’, Eliot Rausch recently directed and edited a series for Vans called ‘Pass The Bucket’ highlighting former extreme sports athletes battles with injuries, drug addictions, and alcoholism. His minimal, quaint approach in post production creates a real hard hitting affect on his audience, which he has perfected. Here’s a video from that series, highlighting Dennis Martinez’s (Freestyle Skateboard World Champion 1977, and the first Vans sponsored athlete) struggle with drug addiction, and violence.




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