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// Cool Plug-ins for Video Production and Post Production

We’re currently like kids in a sweet shop at RAW towers as we have just purchased CoreMelt V2, featuring multiple plug-ins for Final Cut Pro. Over-using plug-ins can make footage look tacky but, used carefully and sparingly, we think they can add an interesting dimension to any video production. We’d like to share with you a few of the really great effects and how they can be best used.

Stylise Your Edit

Whether it’s corporate video production of music video production, a good agency will make their edit unique to their client, and there are some great tools within CoreMelt that can help you animate your video and text, without using other software like After Effects. Two particularly good transitions are ‘Focus Pull Dissolve and ‘Light Wash’, which subtly animate your text. We recommend combining these effects with a motion zoom and transparencies to really smarten up your edit. Have a look at them in action here:

Steadicam On A Budget

There are various crazy techniques out there (like putting your camera in a plastic bag) as alternatives to a steadicam. But if you come to the post production stage and realise your footage is too shaky to use, there’s no better tool than the CoreMelt V2 plug-in Lock ‘N Load.  The software anyalyses your shot to find the subject and tracks it within the frame. You can adjust the settings to make it work to your specifications, and it couldn’t be easier – we’ve even made some test videos to prove it (below). Example 1 utilises the ‘Lock Down’ mode, which gives the illusion of a tripod being used, and Example 2 uses ‘Single, Smooth Shot’ to mimic the action of a steadicam.



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