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// Chromatte Green Screen

This week we’ve been literally up and down the country using our new Chromatte equipment! If you don’t know what it is, it’s effectively a green screen studio that we can fit into a rucksack!

The fabric, or the backdrop is grey to the eye and contains millions of tiny glass beads that act as reflectors: when any light (in this case the lens-mounted LiteRing from Reflectmedia) hits the fabric, it is returned on the same path back into the camera’s lens. This retro-reflectice process means the camera ‘sees’ the apparently grey fabric as a perfectly even blue or green background.

This morning we had a large high street bank in the studio, shooting mini-packages for their internal communications, which we have edited using after effects and earlier in the week we were in Nottingham with Tonic Life Communications, filming a pharmaceutical communications video for GPs.

We’ll get some before and after links up for you shortly so you can see how well it works!



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@Helen_Ridgway Thanks for coming! We forgot to give you yours to takeaway so it'll be in the post tomorrow!
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"RAW created an excellent promotional film for our Polesden Lacey property. From writing the shot list, assisting with the script, scouting locations and advising on theme and content, they were professional, endlessly patient and helpful throughout. We are very pleased with the finished product."

Esther Worboys
National Trust