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// Ryan Wilkins


Hi there. My name is Ryan and I am the founder and managing director of RAW. In addition to my everyday duties managing the company, you will get to see me in strategy and planning meetings, advising on goals and direction for new productions. I often direct, and I am the director of photography on some of our larger shoots.


Prior to founding RAW in 2006, I used to edit live Premier League football matches. I also worked in the film industry, versioning films in global languages for international DVD releases. I have been involved in every project that RAW has ever produced.

Core Skills

Aside from my day-to-day management, strategy and business development skills, I would say that my core skills include:

  • Video communications strategy
  • Production and post production
  • Distribution and marketing


  • MA, Audio Technology
  • BA Hons, Music Technology

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss your video strategy, production and distribution requirements with Ryan, please get in touch onĀ 020 7831 6060.

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